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Everyone who works with children has a responsibility for keeping them safe. School and college staff are particularly important as they are in a position to identify concerns early and provide help for children to prevent concerns from escalating.

Schools and colleges and their staff form part of the wider safeguarding system for children. This system is described in statutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023  and Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023.

Teachers’ Standards states that teachers, including headteachers, should safeguard children’s well-being and maintain public trust in the teaching profession as part of their professional duties.

Each school and college has a designated safeguarding lead who will provide support to staff members to carry out their safeguarding duties and who will liaise closely with other services such as children’s social care.

At Dorin Park School, we have five members of staff who are trained as leads. If you have a concern about one of our children/young people, in the first instance please contact Jane Rowlinson, Acting Deputy Headteacher. If she is not available please contact Sarah Adam, Helen McGillivray, Alicia Dooley or Steph Williams.

We are part of the Operation Encompass initiative. Cheshire police will inform us if a child has been present when they have attended a domestic incident at home. This enables us to support pupils and their families.

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