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Car Park Protocol

Dorin Park School can be a busy place at the beginning and the end of the school day, and we would like to ensure that we continue to do everything possible to make it a safe place for pedestrians and transport. We greatly appreciate your support in this matter. We endeavour to have at least two members of staff in the car park in the morning and at the end of the day. We would ask that any transport dropping off and collecting children in cars would kindly observe these staff members in Hi Vis vests, who may indicate when pedestrians are crossing or when vehicles are ready to move, and respond accordingly. At times, this may mean waiting to move for a safe place to park to become available, and this may not always be in the same bay. To all those dropping off and collecting pupils, please note the following:


  • Taxis/buses to park in the main car park at the front of school.
  • The maximum speed limit anywhere onsite is 5 MPH.
  • Turn off engines when parked.
  • When ready to leave, flash hazard lights.
  • Only move when directed by a member of staff in a Hi Vis vest.
  • Hold the hand of pupils who you know can abscond.
  • If you have a query whilst onsite, please speak to Reception rather than staff members on duty
  • Please stop at the pedestrian crossing if a pupil is crossing

At start of day:

  • Taxis/buses to arrive in the morning no earlier than 9.00am.
  • Taxis/buses must wait on the drive to be allocated a space by a member of staff due to pupils transitioning from taxis/buses into school.
  • At 9.10am duty staff will give the instruction for the office to ring the bell. This will signify that drivers/escorts can begin to get the pupils off the transport. PLEASE KEEP THE CHILDREN BUCKLED IN until the bell is rung.
  • Accompany the students from the taxis/buses to the entrance of the school.

At end of day:

  • Please do not enter the car park until 3pm. The doors will open at 3.15pm and school will finish at 3.20pm
  • Please note that pupils are called by their taxis/buses number. Please be patient whilst waiting for your pupils.
  • Please do not gather with groups of pupils at the school entrance.
  • If you have received most of your pupils, please escort them to the taxis/buses and then a member of staff will bring remaining pupils out.
  • Please ensure that the pupils are walking to the taxis/buses safely whilst in your care.