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Meet the Staff

Leadership Group

Lucy Lee
Sarah Adam
Deputy Head, Formal Pathway Lead, Pastoral Lead (KS5 including transitions), SENCO, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Children in Care Deputy, Operation Encompass Lead
Jane Rowlinson
Assistant Head, Pre-formal Pathway Lead, Pastoral Lead (Lower School including transitions), Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Children in Care Lead, Prevent Lead
Helen McGillivray
Assistant Head, Semi-formal Pathway Lead, Pastoral Lead (KS3 & KS4 including transitions), Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (Safeguarding CPD Lead), Transitions 8-13
Susan Carroll
School Business Manager

Office Staff

Sharon Jones

Office Manager & PA to the Headteacher

Angela Shickell

Personnel/Finance Administration Officer

Owen Williams


Mandy Souter

SEN Review Officer

Martin Walker

ICT Technician

Other Support Staff

Maxine Nevitt
Family Liaison
Sarah Collins
Emotional Health and Well-being Mentor, Therapeutic Behaviour Lead
Alan Collins
Site Manager
Debbie Campbell
Catering Manager
Alan Collins (Site Manager), John Skarratts (Site Maintenance Officer), Ian Heppell (Caretaker), Len Watt (Caretaker - Casual)
Site Staff
Steph Matthews, Lisa Thomas, Emily Olsson, Jessica Newman Jones
Continence Coaches
Nicola Wilson (Supervisor), Oli Antic, Georgie Atkins, Andrea Brown, Charlotte Cooke, John Driscoll, Katie Horner, Hilary Logan, Jessica Mason, Janet Murphy, Vicki Roberts, Gillian Shore, David Williams
Midday Staff
Debbie Campbell (Catering Manager), Michelle Anderson, Sharon Troupe, Wan Tang
Catering Staff

Our Teaching Staff

Staff Duty Title Staff Members
Lower School Teachers

Kath Cartwright
Kate Connah
Emma Jones
Shannon Large
Ursula Middleton
Ali Mills
Clare Roberts
Steph Williams

Upper School Teachers

Bridget Aldridge
Claire Cannon
Graham Davies
Alicia Dooley
Georgie Harkness
Kat Hoggarth
Becky Joyce
Tom Kophamel
Helen McGillivray
Michelle Milligan
Jane Rowlinson
Clair Saunders
Jane Walters

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Kerry Attwood
John Glendenning
Lorna Sheridan
Jane Walsh

Specialist Teaching Assistants

Cerys Hindley
Gemma Jarvis

Teaching Assistants

Julie Ahn
Lisa Anderson
Louise Archer
Georgie Atkins (Bank)
Thais Bertolucci (Bank)
Steven Brookes
Sharon Campion
Mark Cartner
Liz Clarke
Suzanne Cook
Natalie Davenport
Kimberley Doyle
John Driscoll (Bank)
Angela Dunning
Emma Dutton
Amanda East
Cindy Edwards (Bank)
Carole Ellis
Julie Evans
Cheryl Firth
Angie Girven
Chris Green
Alison Grimes
Cindy Harrington
Eileen Hollewell
Helen Houlbrook
Gemma Jarvis
Lyndsay Johnston
Huw Jones (Bank)
Adele McMillan (Bank)
Beth Milne
Kathryn Mitchell (Bank)
Estelle Powell
Jennie Rhodes
Ellie Roberts
Kirsty Roberts
Ruth Smith
Kirsty Sutherland
Candice Thomson
Emma Tomlinson (Bank)
Jean Turley
Linda Wilkinson
Annette Wright
Julie Williamson (Bank)