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Government Grants (Premiums)

View our guiding principles for the use of government grants (premiums).

DfE-supplied equipment:

  • Summer term 2020, distributed 7 laptops supplied through DfE remote learning initiative
  • All other DfE-supplied equipment retained and utilised in school

16th-20th August 2021 summer school (DfE COVID-19 programme)

Pupils transitioning to our school were given the opportunity to meet their new peers, existing pupils and staff. This greatly helped their transition into us – they arrived in September with greater confidence than in the summer and quickly settled into their new classes. The activities on offer during summer school were designed to offer opportunities to socialise and be creative in a relaxed environment. There were trips to the local park and a bowling alley. Pupils were able to take part in cookery activities, sports, board games, arts and crafts activities and a water fight! Across the week, pupils took part in a large-scale collaborative mural to go on display on the front of the school building. In conclusion, summer school was an invaluable experience for our pupils – they were able to develop their social skills, be creative and have lots of fun. We received much positive feedback from parents.

Maximum grant allocation was £17,014.50.
Actual spend was £9,675.87 (£9,089.55 staffing costs and £586.32 other expenses).

Grant expenditure reports

Pupil Premium

Current Year (working)
Pupil Premium 2022-23 (working)

Previous Year (final)
Pupil Premium (Pupil + Recovery) 2021-2022


PE & Sports Premium

Current Year (final)
Premium (PE and Sports) 2022 – 2023 (summer – July)

Previous Year (final)
Premium (PE and Sports) 2021 – 2022 (summer – July)