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Our curriculum offers a broad and balanced education that is designed to meet individual needs.

We operate a timetable that has 25 teaching slots per week.

We use the Read Write Inc. phonics/reading scheme, or See & Learn for non-readers.

Children are streamed into small phonics/reading groups according to need and ability.


If you would like to see our curriculum overview, please click on the picture below.

View our Curriculum Statement.

View our Curriculum Overview 2023-24.

View the Tools and Approaches we use in the Assessment of Skills and Knowledge.

View our Curriculum Provision by Class 2023-24.

View our accreditations offered 2023-24.


View our Curriculum Provision by Class 2024-25.

View our accreditations offered 2024-25.


For any further information on our curriculum, please contact Sarah Adam (Acting Headteacher).