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Summer Term: 2018-19

Art and Design / Design Technology (DT) – alternate half-terms

The Art and Design curriculum is delivered through a variety of learning experiences that allow pupils to develop their skills in painting, collage and printmaking working with familiar and new media and techniques, developing their confidence, imagination and creativity.

This term the theme of the Art project is ‘Art and Music’. Juniper are looking at the abstract artist Kandinsky and his art work. They will create a selection of experimental art pieces, interpreting different emotions that they will experience through listening to music.


This term Juniper will explore web design. They will think about what makes a good website before planning and creating their own website in Serif Web Plus. They will research appropriate and reliable content for their website, thinking about what makes online content reliable before adding text, images, hyperlinks and other interactive elements to their websites. When complete, the group will evaluate their websites using peer and self-assessment.


This half term, Juniper will be looking at the topic Ballad Poems with a focus on exploring language and structure in poems. They will be reading The Highwayman and The Lady of Shallot and developing their knowledge of poetic devices and imagery. In addition to this, Juniper will be developing their reading skills in a weekly reading lesson. Students will focus on various extracts to develop reading strategies, improve inference skills and participate in guided reading. This will aid students in future English lessons and ensure they are more confident in approaching new texts with the necessary skills.

MFL (French)

This term pupils will learn how to talk about what they do in school. They will learn the days of the week to help them to describe their timetable, and will learn how to describe which subjects they like and dislike. They will build on their knowledge of classroom commands by learning the vocabulary for classroom objects. Numbers and colours will be revisited to consolidate knowledge. At the end of the term, the pupils will look at how Easter is celebrated in France.


For the first half term our topic will be weather and climate. Learners will watch and listen to weather forecasts, and identify the symbols used and what they mean. In addition they will discuss how weather can affect people’s day-to-day lives. They will look at the causes of different types of weather, including how clouds are formed. The learners will have the opportunity to collect weather data through creation of basic apparatus. Throughout the term learners will develop skills in communication and problem solving.

The second half term will look at the Ice Age. Learners will reflect on how the country that we live in now has changed over time. The learners will build on their knowledge of weather and climate and compare the weather of today with that of Britain in the Ice Age. There will be comparison of the animals and people of the time with those of the modern day, and consideration of how the animals of the Ice Age were adapted to live within the cold environment. The learners will be provided with opportunities to develop their understanding of the Ice Age through examination of historical sources including pictures, recounts of the time and recreated artefacts

Work and resources will be adapted to enable our learners with a visual impairment to be fully involved and immersed in the topic, alongside their sighted classmates.

Life Skills

This term Juniper will work as part of a team to plan and take part in a summer event. They will think about the need to budget and manage money. They should demonstrate they are able to source where to purchase the items and look at costings with support, while also thinking about the need to stay safe on the internet when making purchases. They will also decide together on their individual roles before taking part in the event.



This term, Juniper will be studying fractions. They will study fractions in the context of both shapes and number of objects. Juniper will primarily be looking at halves and quarters, and will begin to explore equivalence in fractions.


During the measurement units, Juniper will be focusing on length, weight, capacity, volume and temperature. The measurement lessons will initially focus on sorting and comparing lengths, weights, capacities, volumes and temperatures and will then progress on to using standard units (such as litres) to measure, calculate and record.


This term Juniper will be studying angles. They will be exploring amount of turn, as well as comparing, ordering and categorising angles.


The students will be developing their musical ensemble skills. They will take part in some carousel lessons in which they have sessions on different instruments learning the chords of a piece of music of their choice. The students will work together as a team to develop their rehearsal skills and will perform their song as a band.

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

This term our work in PSHCE will focus on relationships. We will begin by identifying and discussing the relationships that the pupils have with the people that are currently in their lives. We will discuss the importance of other people to us and identify why we are important in the lives of our friends and family. The learners will learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships and what they should do if they feel upset with friends. As part of this module we will cover Sex and Relationships Education (SRE).

Work and resources will be adapted to enable our learners with a visual impairment to be fully involved and immersed in the topic, alongside their sighted classmates.

As part of the PSHCE curriculum we work closely with a range of professionals including the local police, the NSPCC and the school nurse. On occasion it is important that the pupils’ curriculum changes to meet their needs or in response to a large event.

Physical Education (PE)

This term Juniper will be developing their athletic skills in order to compete in different athletic events (for example javelin, sprinting, wheelchair races and hurdles) during our annual sports day.

Juniper will also have fun learning all about orienteering and cricket, and will increase their fitness levels and stamina by running cross-country at our local field. Learners will also have the opportunity to compete in Level 2 and Level 3 tournaments, and be a sports leader.

In swimming, we are excited to have the Flintshire Sub-Aqua Group back; they have very kindly offered taster sessions in scuba diving at our pool this term.


This term, Juniper will be studying the ‘Earth’ topic. They will learn about the Earth’s climate, its structure and the wider solar system. Through the study of this topic, pupils will observe soils and rocks and talk about global warming and the effect of the ice caps melting. Pupils will learn about the structure and composition of the Earth, plate tectonics and the relationship between them, earthquakes and volcanoes. There will be opportunities to look at the composition of the atmosphere and the impact carbon dioxide produced by human activity has on climate. Pupils will learn about the shapes and relative sizes of Earth, Sun and the Moon. Using models, they will learn how the three bodies move relative to each other and how these movements relate to night and day.

Pupils will be encouraged to ask questions based on observations of the real world, to make predictions using scientific knowledge and understanding, and to interpret observations and data, including identifying patterns and using observations.