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Summer Term: 2018-19

This term’s topics are the Jungle and the Seaside. Trips to Knowsley Safari Park and Chester Zoo are planned. The World About Me focuses on plants and the Romans. My Thinking and Problem Solving focuses on measure. My Citizenship focuses on people who help us.

Fir follow a practical and creative EQUALS Semi-Formal (SLD/MLD) Curriculum. The aspects in thsi curriculum are below and all apart from the starred ones are taken by the class teacher

  • My Independence
  • The World About Me
  • My Communication (Narrative)
  • *My Thinking and Problem Solving
  • My Play and Leisure
  • My Citizenship
  • My Physical Well-being
  • *My Creativity (Dance & Drama)
  • *My Creativity (Music)
  • My Creativity (Art)
  • *My Forest School

Topic-based activities are used to create artwork that can be displayed and sent home with pupils. The topic is also used through other aspects, including call and response communication sessions where pupils join in with familiar songs, lyrics and stories.

Fir engage in sharing, turn-taking and social games where they can interact with their friends and learn to communicate with each other. In contrast, Fir also explore lots of relaxation and cognitive breaks, using massage, outdoor activities and even yoga to relax.

Fir spend a lot of time outside exploring their environment, and really enjoy swimming and PE each week, where sensory circuits, team-building games and outdoor ball games are explored.

My Independence


The World About Me


My Communication (Narrative)


My Thinking and Problem Solving


My Play and Leisure


My Citizenship


My Physical Well-being


My Creativity (Dance & Drama)

This term, Fir will be participating in sequencing movement as part of the My Dance unit of the EQUALS curriculum. They will explore the development of relationships, body awareness and basic dance actions before creating small, sequenced dance pieces.

My Creativity (Music)

The students will participate in a variety of musical games which will encourage them to explore the elements of music (dynamics, tempo, rhythm, pulse). Alongside the musical elements, the students will explore a range of percussion instruments and will use these to accompany a group of songs, encouraging the students to develop their leadership, turn taking, listening and sharing skills.

My Creativity (Art)


My Forest School



In swimming Fir will be practising water safety skills, learning about water safety and adapting their swimming movements to simple games in the water.