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Autumn Term: 2019-20

This term’s topics are Woodlands and Polar. Trips to the park, the supermarket and Delamere Forest are planned. The World About Me focuses on animals and their habitats and autumn. My Thinking and Problem Solving focuses on money. My Citizenship focuses on all about me and the school community.

Fir follow a practical and creative EQUALS Semi-Formal (SLD/MLD) Curriculum. The aspects in this curriculum are below, and all apart from the starred ones are taken by the class teacher:

  • My Independence
  • The World About Me
  • My Communication (Narrative)
  • My Thinking and Problem Solving
  • My Play and Leisure
  • *My Citizenship
  • *My Physical Well-being
  • *My Creativity (Dance & Drama)
  • *My Creativity (Music)
  • My Creativity (Art)
  • *My Forest School

Topic-based activities are used to create artwork that can be displayed and sent home with pupils. The topic is also used within other aspects, including call and response communication sessions, where pupils join in with familiar songs, lyrics and stories.

Fir engage in sharing, turn-taking and social games where they can interact with their friends and learn to communicate with each other. In contrast, Fir also explore lots of relaxation and cognitive breaks, using massage, outdoor activities and even yoga to relax.

Fir spend a lot of time outside exploring their environment, and really enjoy swimming and PE, where sensory circuits, team-building games and outdoor ball games are explored.

My Independence

This term, learners will be looking at health and safety in the kitchen and making basic food and drinks. Learners will look at healthy living and healthy eating. They will learn how to make shopping lists for essential ingredients and food, exchanging money at the supermarket in order to buy what they need. The learners will focus on moving around the school safely. They will develop an understanding of getting dressed and undressed and being private when getting dressed around others.

The World About Me

This term, the focus will be on the weather and the seasons of autumn and winter, focusing on key festivals and events such as Remembrance Day and Christmas. We will look at different types of weather and what to wear. Learners will visit the park to observe changes throughout the year. The learners will also focus on animals and their habitats, discussing the various weather conditions that different animals live in, focusing specifically on colder climates to link to the season focus.

My Communication (Narrative)

Within My Narrative, our focus will be on the planets, studying stories such as Look Up and How to Catch a Star. Learners will work on ordering and sequencing the stories and describing key parts of them. Learners will take part in communication games throughout the term, embedding conversational skills

My Thinking and Problem Solving

Throughout the term, we will be focusing on money and arithmetic. Thinking and problem solving activities will be going on in all units, embedding problem-solving skills. The learners will be working out how much money they would need to buy certain items, and taking part in trips to the local supermarket to embed these skills in real-life situations.

My Play and Leisure

This term, the learners will be focusing on structured play, following rules and developing their turn taking skills. Learners will take part in small group games and board games.

*My Citizenship


*My Physical Well-being


*My Creativity (Dance & Drama)


My Creativity (Music)

The students will take part in some carousel lessons in which they try different instruments and learn the chords of a chosen piece of music. The students will choose their favourite instrument and put the instrumental parts together to create their own cover version. The module structure has two sections:

  • Band carousel sessions
  • Band work

*My Creativity (Art)

This term, learners will be looking at collage, texture, pattern and colour. They will be making pieces of artwork related to our topic of Woodlands. We will be layering various materials and objects to create collages related to autumn and the woodlands. We will be copying and continuing patterns using 2D and 3D shapes.

*My Forest School


*Animal Care



Half-termly Carousel lessons

Autumn 1st half-term – double Cookery; Autumn 2nd half-term – Forest School and Animal Care