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Summer Term 2018-19

Art and Design



As part of accreditation work, Elm will be using email, creating and send messages along with attaching files. They will look at managing email and exploring how to stay safe while using email. Finally, the group will look at how to respond to common email problems.


This term, Elm will be looking at the topic of ‘Education’ as they work towards completing AQA ELC Step Up to English. All students will read a selection of literary and non-literary texts. Elm will use these texts to learn how to infer, comment on language and structure and compare ideas and perspectives. They will also learn how to plan, write, edit and proof-read a story.

Life Skills

Elm will be completing modules from the NOCN Independent Living course. Over the course of the year, pupils will work on different units to support the development of their life skills. They will look at home management and food preparation. They will begin with a unit based around clothing and shopping followed by a unit on heathy eating and a unit on drug awareness. Pupils will have the opportunity to visit local amenities to support their learning. They will begin to learn about budgeting to increase their numeracy skills.


AQA Entry Level

Elm are working towards their AQA Entry Level Certificate in Maths, which aims to provide them with opportunities for investigative and practical maths, embedding the key skills required for everyday life.

This term the focus will be on geometry. They will be studying position and directions as well as using and understanding positional vocabulary. In addition to this, they will be investigating the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes. Late in the term, Elm will review each of the topics covered this year and practise applying them to real life problems, developing their problem-solving skills in functional skills mathematics.

GCSE foundation

GCSE students will be focusing on the same topics as the AQA entry-level students, but extending their understanding with more complex geometry, including Pythagoras’s theorem and trigonometry. In addition, GCSE students will be exploring manipulation of numbers and algebra.


The students will work towards an OCR unit using musical ensemble skills. They will take part in some carousel lessons in which they have sessions on different instruments learning the chords of a piece of music of their choice. The students will work together as a team to develop their rehearsal skills and will perform their song as a band.

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

This term our work in PSHCE will focus on relationships. We will begin by identifying and discussing the relationships that the pupils have with the people that are currently in their lives. We will discuss the importance of other people to us and identify why we are important in the lives of our friends and family. The learners will learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships and the dangers of being in an abusive relationship. We will identify the warning signs of abusive relationships and discuss where we can get help if we find ourselves in an abusive situation. As part of this module we will cover Sex and Relationships Education (SRE), including raising awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM). There will also be opportunities this term for the pupils to experience some of the pressures of parenting through the use of our baby simulation models.

As part of the PSHCE curriculum we work closely with a range of professionals including the local police, the NSPCC and the school nurse. On occasion it is important that the pupils’ curriculum changes to meet their needs or in response to a large event.

Physical Education (PE)

Elm are continuing their OCR Entry Level accreditation in Physical Education. This involves learners being assessed on all their sporting and physical skills for different games (for example, cricket, athletics, boxing and gymnastics).

This term the focus is on analysing their work and that of others using the correct terminology, and preparing for our annual sports day.

In swimming, Elm will have the opportunity to take part in a scuba diving session with Flintshire Sub-Aqua Group, who have very kindly offered free sessions this term. Elm will also continue to attend Dee Banks Swimming pool to improve their swimming skills and stamina in order to swim between 25m and 150m using three different strokes. Learners will also assist in organising a swimming gala for our primary learners.


This term, Elm are continuing with work towards their second unit, Making and Testing Cosmetics, for their Pearson BTEC Level 1 qualification in Applied Science. The aim of this unit is to give the pupils opportunities to apply their knowledge and understanding of science to test and create cosmetic products. They will explore the application of underlying scientific principles and learn how to observe health and safety at work requirements and conduct risk assessments appropriately.