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Spring Term 2018-19

Art and Design



As part of accreditation work, Elm will continue to cover Desktop Publishing by creating a tri-fold leaflet. The publication will advertise India and contain appropriate text and images which have been correctly formatted and edited. It is also very important the publication shows the contrasting cultures of India and is fit for purpose. Students will check for spelling mistakes and think about how copyright effects their work. Students will then move onto using email, creating and sending messages along with attaching files. They will look at managing email and exploring how to stay safe while using email. Finally, the group will look at how to respond to common email problems.


This term, Elm will be looking at the topic of ‘Exhibitions’ as they work towards completing AQA ELC Step Up to English. All students will take part in group discussions and make an individual presentation. They will read a selection of non-fiction texts and use the text to learn how to infer and to comment on language and structure. Students will learn how to plan, write, edit and proof-read a piece of informative writing.

Life Skills

Elm will be completing modules from the NOCN Independent Living course. Over the course of the year, pupils will work on different units to support the development of their life skills. They will look at home management and food preparation. They will begin with a unit based around clothing and shopping followed by a unit on heathy eating and a unit on drug awareness. Pupils will have the opportunity to visit local amenities to support their learning. They will begin to learn about budgeting to increase their numeracy skills.


Elm are working towards their AQA Entry Level Certificate in Maths which aims to provide them with opportunities for investigative and practical maths, embedding the key skills required for everyday life.

This term the focus will be on the calendar and time. They will be learning about the yearly calendar and will be asked to recall the number of months/weeks/days in a year and explain what happens when there is a leap year. They will be taught how to tell the time on both an analogue and a digital clock. With this knowledge and understanding they will be answering a range of problems using their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

They will also be studying ratio and fractions; they will learn to find fractions of a quantity, compare fractions and work with fractions containing different denominators.

AQA GCSE foundation

GCSE students will be focusing on the same topics as the entry level students, but extending their understanding further to work with more complex number operations such as indices. They will also work extensively with solving problems involving algebra.


The students will work towards an OCR unit using musical ensemble skills. They will take part in some carousel lessons in which they have sessions on different instruments learning the chords of a piece of music of their choice. The students will work together as a team to develop their rehearsal skills and will perform their song as a band.

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

This term our work in PSHCE will focus on relationships. We will begin by identifying and discussing the relationships that the pupils have with the people that are currently in their lives. We will discuss the importance of other people to us and identify why we are important in the lives of our friends and family. The learners will learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships and the dangers of being in an abusive relationship. We will identify the warning signs of abusive relationships and discuss where we can get help if we find ourselves in an abusive situation. As part of this module we will cover Sex and Relationships Education (SRE), including raising awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM). There will also be opportunities this term for the pupils to experience some of the pressures of parenting through the use of our baby simulation models.

As part of the PSHCE curriculum we work closely with a range of professionals including the local police, the NSPCC and the school nurse. On occasion it is important that the pupils’ curriculum changes to meet their needs or in response to a large event.

Physical Education (PE)

Elm will be continuing their OCR Entry Level accreditation in physical education.

Learners will further develop their badminton and tennis skills, and be given the opportunity to organise and lead a mini-sports festival.

In swimming, Elm will continue developing their existing swimming strokes in order to increase stamina and speed.


This term Elm are continuing with their work on the Healthier Living unit of  their Pearson BTEC Level 1 qualification in Applied Science. This unit will develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the key elements needed for a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living is crucial to physical, social and mental wellbeing. The class will explore key issues such as healthy diet, fitness, personal hygiene, personal safety and the positive and negative effects they have on health. They will be encouraged to examine their own daily activities and demonstrate ways in which they can contribute to their own healthy lifestyle.