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Autumn Term 2019-20

*Art and Design





As part of accreditation work Elm will plan, create and evaluate a presentation for Chester Zoo about post-14 school trips offered by the zoo. There will be a particular focus upon talks/presentations by zoo staff and the business side of the running of the zoo and the care of the animals. The presentation will contain images, information, optional activities, and prices. As the presentation will run on a large screen in the area where customers buy their tickets, it is important students take into account the resources they will choose for the presentation. After half-term, Elm will be identifying any legal or local guidelines or constraints that may affect the task or activity. These may include copyright and organisational house-style or brand guidelines. The group will also evaluate their finished presentation and identify strengths and weaknesses.


This term, Elm will be looking at the topic of ‘Education’ as they work towards completing AQA ELC Step Up to English. All students will read a selection of literary and non-literary texts. Elm will use these texts to learn how to infer, comment on language and structure and compare ideas and perspectives. They will also learn how to plan, write, edit and proof-read a story.

*Life Skills

Elm will be completing modules from the NOCN Independent Living course. Over the course of the year, pupils will work on different units to support the development of their life skills. They will look at home management and food preparation. They will begin with a unit based around clothing and shopping followed by a unit on heathy eating and a unit on drug awareness. Pupils will have the opportunity to visit local amenities to support their learning. They will begin to learn about budgeting to increase their numeracy skills.


AQA entry level certificate

Elm will be completing work towards their entry level accreditation in Maths which aims to provide them with opportunities for investigative and practical maths, embedding the key skills required for everyday life.

This term, Elm will be focusing on the properties of number; they will be extending their knowledge of the number system, and increasing their ability to manipulate numbers and complete all 4 operations with increasingly complex numbers.

They will also be studying ratio and fractions; they will learn to find fractions of a quantity, compare fractions and work with fractions containing different denominators.

AQA GCSE foundation

GCSE students will be focusing on the same topics as the entry level students, but extending their understanding further to work with more complex number operations such as indices. They will also work extensively with negative numbers and investigate the effects of multiplying and dividing by a negative, fractional or negative fractional number.


RSL Music Practitioners Level 1:

Learners will prepare for a specific live performance over a defined period of time. They must prepare the music performance through a series of rehearsals and take responsibility for the organisational aspects associated with any performance. As such, their ability to communicate requirements is important. Finally, the response to feedback in the many ways it reaches performers is important, so an early understanding of feedback mechanisms needs to develop. The key areas the students will focus on during the units are:

  • Performance location
  • Preparation of performance
  • Performance
  • Range of feedback

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

This term, the focus of PSHCE will be around Health and Wellbeing. The title of the module is ‘Who am I?’ and will support learners to think about themselves and others, both physically and emotionally. The pupils in Elm will identify and reflect on their feelings, lifestyles and relationships, and develop strategies for self-regulation of their emotions. Lessons will cover personal strengths, self-esteem, mental health issues, friends, family, eating disorders and sexual orientation. We will liaise with our Emotional Health and Wellbeing professional and our school nurse in case our learners need emotional support. The pupils will be working towards an AQA accreditation in Personal and Social Education.

Physical Education (PE)

In PE this term, Elm will be working towards the OCR Entry Level Certificate in Physical Education and/or the Cambridge National in Sports Studies. This term the focus is on lacrosse and tag rugby and learning how the body works.


Elm will be looking at beliefs and ideas that people of different religions and faiths hold. They will explore their own beliefs and develop an understanding of the difference between beliefs and facts. During the autumn term, Elm will be looking at a range of different festivals and the importance of them to the people of each faith. The festivals for study are Harvest (a Christian festival), Diwali (a Hindu festival), Hanukkah (a Jewish festival) and Christmas (a Christian festival). Elm will then reflect on their own celebrations and consider why celebrations are important to people. They will be involved in planning a Harvest assembly and the annual seniors carol concert.


In the autumn term, Elm will be starting their work towards their first unit, Using Equipment to Make Scientific Observations and Measurements, for their Pearson BTEC Level 1 qualification in Applied Science. The aim of this unit is to give learners the knowledge, skills and understanding required to make observations and measurements in order to undertake scientific explorations safely and effectively using the relevant equipment. Pupils will become familiar with a range of accessible observation and measurement scenarios and techniques.

The unit will include practical work and the pupils will work to build up their portfolio of work to submit to BTEC for accreditation later in the year.