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Spring Term: 2019-20

**My Independence


The World About Me

Cedar will be starting the spring term with the Forces topic. We will be exploring the different types of forces, focusing on pushes, pulls and twists, and identifying these in everyday situations. Using sign-supported language, we will practise the vocabulary needed to describe motion, e.g. fast, slow, turn, stop, start. The pupils will investigate different surfaces – those that are rough and those which would be easy to slide something along.

After half term, we will start looking at the Solids, Liquids and Gases topic. We will be investigating everyday substances around us and sorting them into the different states of matter. We will be looking at how substances can be changed from one state to another, focusing on melting and freezing in everyday contexts.

**My Communication (Narrative)


My Thinking and Problem Solving (Mathematics)

EQUALS pupils:

Learners will encounter maths as part of the Thinking and problem solving strand of the EQUALS curriculum. This term, EQUALS learners in Cedar will be developing their understanding of numbers and the number system, using their understanding to support their addition and subtraction skills. Later in the term the EQUALS learners will be investigating length, weight and capacity.

Vocational pupils:


This term, Cedar will be following a maths mastery scheme of work in numeracy, mastering each skill before progressing on to the next number topic. This term will focus on place value and the structure of numbers. Once these skills have been mastered, the students will utilise them to develop their numeracy skills with addition and subtraction.


This term, Cedar will be studying statistics. They will practise collecting and sorting data by category; some will progress on to labelling and recording this data. Cedar will then develop their skills displaying the information in bar charts, and some will practise interpreting information from bar charts.


This spring term, Cedar will look at fractions. They will develop skills in sharing out an amount and will look at halves of a set of objects; some will progress on to halves of a shape.

*My Play and Leisure

Cedar will be having lots of fun. They will be playing different games and learning both how to be team players and how to be safe using the PE equipment.

My Citizenship

EQUALS pupils:

During the first half of term, pupils will learn about Buddhism. They will learn about the life of Buddha through story sharing, game play and role play. They will learn about Buddhist temples as places of peace, tranquility and worship. Pupils will be immersed in music for tranquility and will recreate Buddhist gardens and art work through a variety of means. Pupils will learn about the Tripitaka through looking at books that have special meaning to them and considering why they are important to them.

During the second half of spring term, learning will focus on Christianity and the Easter Story. Each week we will focus on a different day of the story to allow time for pupils to explore the people and events that are important to the Easter story: Palm Sunday, The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection. Pupils will learn through story, game, role play and creative arts. Finally, pupils will look at some of the ways that Christians celebrate Easter in the modern day, through food, song and church services.

Vocational pupils: 

During the first half of term, pupils will learn about the basic beliefs of people of the Buddhist faith. We will start by looking at the story of the Buddha and the origins of Buddhism. We will consider the morals that the followers of Buddhism live by: do not take the life of anything, do not lie, do not drink alcohol, do not steal, be faithful to your partner, karma (if you do good things, you will be rewarded with good things; if you do bad, then you will have bad happen) and pupils will consider whether these would be easy or difficult to follow. We will then, briefly, look at the Buddhist beliefs of reincarnation (being reborn after death into another life) and enlightenment. Finally, pupils will look at some of the main symbols of Buddhism: the wheel of life (representing the teachings of Buddha), the lotus flower (progress), the endless knot (wisdom), the parasol (protection), the treasure vase (wealth), the golden fish (happiness), the conch shell (power) and the victory banner (getting through difficult times. Pupils will be given the opportunity to consider their own beliefs and morals and look at whether they have any beliefs that are similar to Buddhist beliefs.

During the second half of the term, learning will focus on Christianity, and the Easter Story. We will start by exploring what the pupils already know about the Easter story. We will then complete work around the main events of the Easter story: the period of Lent and Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Each week, we will reflect on the actions of the people within the story and begin to explore why they behaved in a particular way and think about how we might have felt or behaved in that situation. We will think about why the Easter story is the most important event to Christians and look at how Christians celebrate Easter today.

**My Physical Wellbeing

This term Cedar will be investigating healthy lifestyles and learning about how healthy choices affect the individual.

**My Creativity (Dance & Drama)

This term, Cedar will be participating in sequencing movement as part of the My Dance unit of the EQUALS curriculum. They will explore the development of relationships, body awareness and basic dance actions before creating small, sequenced dance pieces.

*My Creativity (Music)

The students will take part in some carousel lessons in which they try different instruments and learn the chords of a chosen piece of music. The students will choose their favourite instrument and put the instrumental parts together to create their own cover version. The module structure has two sections:

  • Band carousel sessions
  • Band work

**My Creativity (Art)


**My Forest School


**Animal Care



Half-termly Carousel lessons

Spring 1st half-term – double Swim; Spring 2nd half-term – PE and Forest School


This term pupils will learn about animation and explore how animations are created before creating their own short animation clip. They will develop storyboards to plan their work. The animation will be created for a specific audience and will include characters and a story-line. The group will use Stop Frame Animation software on an iPad to create the animation.