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Spring Term: 2018-19

My Independence


The World About Me


My Communication (Narrative)

This term, Cedar will be focusing on the topic of Charles Dickens as part of the My Narrative unit in Communication lessons. They will practise sequencing, retelling the story to the best of their ability and recalling information about factual events. They will participate in call and response storytelling and visit the Victorian House at the Grosvenor Museum.

My Thinking and Problem Solving

Cedar will be developing their maths skills through problem solving and working though real-life scenarios following the EQUALS Scheme of Work.

This term Cedar will be focusing on 2D and 3D shapes in real life, exploring shapes through functional work set in a real world context.

My Play and Leisure

Cedar will be continuing the EQUALS scheme of work called ‘My Play and Leisure’. Learners will follow the rules of simple structured games (e.g. ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’) and try different leisure activities (e.g. Lego and jigsaws) and craft activities (e.g. threading and play-dough).

Learners will also develop and explore gymnastic movements both on apparatus and off.

In swimming, Cedar will continue to develop their existing swimming strokes, focusing on the breaststroke. Cedar will also be given the opportunity to create and follow the rules of different games in the water (e.g. ‘Fish, Fish, Shark’).

My Citizenship


My Physical Wellbeing

This term, Cedar will be investigating their own self-image, exploring different aspects of their personalities and respecting other viewpoints.

My Creativity (Dance & Drama)

This term, Cedar will be participating in developing make believe as part of the My Drama unit of the EQUALS curriculum. They will respond to the teacher in role, explore make believe situations and develop the skills needed to participate in group learning and to understand representation in drama.

My Creativity (Music)

Using Shabang, the students will participate in a variety of musical activities which will encourage them to explore movement, the elements of music (dynamics, tempo, rhythm, pulse) and develop their leadership, turn taking, listening and sharing skills. The students will use a range of resources such as a parachute, copra band, props and Makaton.

My Creativity (Art)


My Forest School



In swimming Cedar will be practising water safety skills, learning about water safety and adapting their swimming movements to simple games in the water.