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Autumn Term: 2019-20

*My Independence


The World About Me

Cedar will be starting the autumn term learning how to use equipment safely in the Science lab. We will then be starting the Space topic. Through a mix of more formal and sensory activities, we will be looking at the shapes and relative sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon. Using models, we will learn how the three bodies move relative to each other and how these movements relate to night and day. We will then investigate the characteristics of the different planets in our solar system and will design our own planets.

After half term, we will start a new topic looking at living things. The pupils will be grouping different plants and animals by their characteristics and identifying their habitats. We will then look at fossils, considering what they tell us about animals from the past.

Pupils will be encouraged to ask questions based on observations of the real world, to make predictions using their prior knowledge and understanding, and to identify patterns and changes during their observations.

*My Communication (Narrative)


My Thinking and Problem Solving

Cedar will be developing their maths skills through problem solving and working though real life scenarios following the EQUALS Scheme of Work.

Cedar will practise a combination of maths skills, from number to measures and shape, to solve problems which occur in everyday life. For example, they will be developing skills with position and direction to complete tasks such as going to the shops, where they will develop their understanding of money and value.

My Play and Leisure

Cedar will be having lots of fun. They will be playing different games and learning both how to be team players and how to be safe using the PE equipment.

*My Citizenship


*My Physical Wellbeing

This term Cedar will be investigating healthy lifestyles and learning about how healthy choices affect the individual.

*My Creativity (Dance & Drama)

This term, Cedar will be participating in sequencing movement as part of the My Dance unit of the EQUALS curriculum. They will explore the development of relationships, body awareness and basic dance actions before creating small, sequenced dance pieces.

My Creativity (Music)

The students will take part in some carousel lessons in which they try different instruments and learn the chords of a chosen piece of music. The students will choose their favourite instrument and put the instrumental parts together to create their own cover version. The module structure has two sections:

  • Band carousel sessions
  • Band work

*My Creativity (Art)


*My Forest School


*Animal Care



Half-termly Carousel lessons

Autumn 1st half- term – PE and Forest School; Autumn 2nd half-term – Animal Care and PE