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Autumn Term: 2018-19

My Independence


The World About Me


My Communication (Narrative)


My Thinking and Problem Solving

Cedar will be developing their maths skills through problem solving and working though real life scenarios following the EQUALS Scheme of Work.

Cedar will practise a combination of maths skills, from number to measures and shape, to solve problems which occur in everyday life. For example, they will be developing skills with position and direction to complete tasks such as going to the shops, where they will develop their understanding of money and value.

My Play and Leisure

This term Cedar will be following a new EQUALS scheme of work called ‘My Play and Leisure’. Learners will be given the opportunity to explore and create their own games (free play) to further develop their social and creative skills. Learners will also be given opportunity to play more structured, simple games, for example: skittles, musical statues and circle games. This will encourage learners to co-operate in small groups, follow rules, further develop existing balls skills, and will help foster leadership skills and a team ethic.

My Citizenship


My Physical Wellbeing


My Creativity (Dance & Drama)

This term, Cedar will be participating in drama-related activity as an introduction to the My Drama unit of the EQUALS curriculum. They will play drama games, engage in movement and create soundscapes in order to help gel the group and develop the skills needed to participate in group learning and to understand representation in drama.

My Creativity (Music)

Cedar will participate in a series of drumming circle sessions and will look at typical features of African music such as imitation, chanting, ostinati, improvisation and cross rhythms. Cedar will also take part in a composing task where they will drum their own rhythms and learn to perform to a steady pulse.

My Creativity (Art)


My Forest School



In swimming Cedar will be practising water safety skills, learning about water safety and adapting their swimming movements to simple games in the water.