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Autumn Term: 2019-20

*Business Enterprise


*Creative Arts



This term, Birch will be completing the ‘Literacy for the Life and Leisure’ unit of the EQUALS Moving On Literacy curriculum. They will use their literacy skills to engage in leisure activities and to explore their wider communities. Students will use these practical activities to complete ASDAN Personal Progress or OCR Life and Living Skills units.

*Life Skills

The Life Skills curriculum is designed to support pupils as they start their journey towards independence. KS4 pupils will be working towards completing ASDAN Personal Progress units. KS5 pupils will complete OCR Life and Living skills units.

The accreditations cover:

  • Accessing Community Facilities
  • Cookery
  • Personal Care
  • Getting Out and About

The curriculum is practically-based, giving pupils the chance to get out and about in their local community. Birch Café will give pupils the opportunity to gain employability skills, improve their confidence and engage with the local community. Pupils will regularly attend Live! where they will access a range of activities including arts and crafts.

Around the Home (KS5) / Looking After Your Home (KS4)

The aim is to develop our pupils’ skills to enable them to live as independent an adult life as possible. This term our learning will focus on how to clean the home. Each week we will work in the school flat to learn and practise a range of household tasks such as bed making, vacuuming and mopping, ironing, window-cleaning, dusting and cleaning the dishes. Pupils will get an opportunity to practise a range of different household skills on a rota basis with all working as a team to complete the flat cleaning.


Pupils in Birch will be completing mathematics units which will contribute to their ASDAN Personal Progress accreditation (KS4 students) and OCR Life and Living Skills accreditation (KS5 students). This term, Birch will study the ‘Understanding Number’ unit and will be taught to count accurately, recognise numbers, and add and subtract numbers using pictures and concrete resources to support them. They will be applying these skills throughout the day in familiar activities such as counting the number of pupils in class.

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

We will spend the first half of term getting to know each other and ourselves. Learners will explore their feelings, their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, and talk about their family and friends. The learners will relax through a variety of weekly mindfulness and massage activities. Each learner will create their own mindfulness box, to allow them to access activities that make them feel calm and happy when they get upset or angry. These activities promote the emotional wellbeing of the children and support them to identify how they are feeling. For the second half of term we will focus on our physical health and the importance of eating well and exercising. Lessons will be supported by our Emotional Health and Wellbeing professional and our school nurse where needed.

*Physical Education (PE)

Birch are continuing their OCR Entry Level accreditation in Physical Education. This involves learners adapting their sporting and physical skills to different games (for example, cricket, athletics and gymnastics), which will all be assessed.

This term the focus is on improving, explaining how to improve their own work and that of others using key words, and preparing for our annual sports day.

In swimming, Birch will have the opportunity to take part in a scuba diving session with Flintshire Sub-Aqua Group, who have very kindly offered free sessions this term. Learners will also create their own aquafit routines and learn how to exercise in the water using different equipment.



Work Skills/Work Experience

This year, Birch will think about what they would like to do when they leave school and will think about their own skills/qualities and developing these skills/qualities. Students will explore different job roles, participating in practical activities with the support of school staff. Outside speakers will also visit students to deliver sessions on various jobs and employment opportunities. Work morning will also involve educational trips, which will give students further opportunities to explore the world of work. Some students will also have the opportunity to participate in work experience later on during the year.