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Summer Term: 2018-19

Ash class are exploring ‘The Jungle’ this term. We are using African instruments, and the pupils are creating their own rhythms on African drums. We are looking at animal characteristics, animal sounds and animal movement.

In Art we are creating a collaborative jungle collage and are making different jungle animals from a variety of media. Our sensory area within the class is jungle-themed and provides a setting for sensory massage and our sensory story ‘Walking in the Jungle’.

In ‘My Independence’ we are developing practical skills required for cooking and for hygiene. We will be exploring different fruits, vegetables and spices, and will be looking at different electrical equipment used in cooking.

We are also focusing on improving our awareness of others and are promoting physical well-being through yoga, swimming and PE.

Key Stage 4 pupils will be working on the ASDAN Transition Challenge programme. Key Stage 5 pupils will be working on the ASDAN Towards Independence programme.

**Animal Care


*Physical Education (PE)

Ash will be having lots of fun exploring body movements using small and large apparatus, individually or in small groups. Ash will also be exploring, as part of their ‘physical diet’, different equipment during sensory circuit sessions.

In swimming Ash, will be learning how to enter and exit the pool safely, and how to be aware of others in the pool. Ash will also join in action songs and games in the water in order to increase confidence and independence in the pool.

My Citizenship

During the first half of term, pupils will learn about Buddhism. They will learn about the life of Buddha through story sharing, game play and role play. They will learn about Buddhist temples as places of peace, tranquility and worship. Pupils will be immersed in music for tranquility and will recreate Buddhist gardens and art work through a variety of means. Pupils will learn about the Tripitaka through looking at books that have special meaning to them and considering why they are important to them.

During the second half of spring term, learning will focus on Christianity and the Easter Story. Each week we will focus on a different day of the story to allow time for pupils to explore the people and events that are important to the Easter story: Palm Sunday, The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection. Pupils will learn through story, game, role play and creative arts. Finally, pupils will look at some of the ways that Christians celebrate Easter in the modern day, through food, song and church services.