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Spring Term: 2018-19

Ash class will be focusing on an Under the Sea theme (where appropriate). We will incorporate this theme into our sensory, art, music, communication and also our play and leisure sessions. Each pupil will have their own individual targets and learning intentions.

Alongside our theme, we will be continuing to work on our independence skills. We will work towards this by going out into the community weekly – visiting local supermarkets and community facilities. In order to travel within the community, we will use a range of transport methods – such as the school minibus and walking. Our unit ‘My Independence’ is a key factor this term, and we will develop: our money skills when shopping, using appropriate behaviour when with the wider community, and also cooking and hygiene skills. These are important for when we move on from Dorin Park.

Key Stage 4 pupils will be working on the ASDAN Transition Challenge programme. Key Stage 5 pupils will be working on the ASDAN Towards Independence programme.

Physical Education (PE)

Ash will be continuing their EQUALS scheme of work called ‘My Play and Leisure’ and will be exploring different equipment and body movements by completing a sensory circuit. This will involve the learners completing three different areas of the circuit (e.g. alerting our bodies, developing organisation skills and calming). Learners will also be exploring and joining in different physical games and activities.

In swimming, Ash will be exploring different body movements to music in the water. Learners will listen to the vocals of the music and feel the vibrations from different instruments and equipment in the pool.