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Autumn Term: 2018-19

This term Ash we will be focusing on ‘All About Me’. We will be accessing a variety of lessons that will encourage our: communication skills, individual targets, independence, cooking, and play. We will be be accessing the light room, the classroom and also the cooking room.

Ash will also be going out into the wider community. Ash will be developing their shopping skills when buying ingredients for their cooking lessons, their social skills by sharing a park and library environment with the general public, and also their curiosity skills when visiting a farm and learning about the animals there.

Physical Education (PE)

This term Ash will be taking part in weekly sensory circuits as part of an EQUALS scheme of work called ‘My Play and Leisure’. This will involve learners exploring, responding and developing different body movements and using their senses when exploring equipment to balance (fitness and physio balls), jump (trampette), touch (tactile toys), work muscles (pushing and pulling games), and to play/experience visual and auditory games in a dark den, for example: flashing lights, iPad videos and music. Learners will be also be encouraged to develop their communication skills by being given choices, and to celebrate success during each session.