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Autumn Term: 2019-20

Business Enterprise

This term we will be working towards modules in the NOCN Using Employability Skills qualification. Oak will be looking at the process of product development, including gathering initial ideas, collecting market research, advertising, budgeting and costing, and creating products for sale. The group will design and make products to sell at the annual Halloween party. Any profits will go towards making products to sell on the run up to Christmas. Oak will reflect on their practice at the end of an area of learning and will create targets that they will implement during future projects.


See Work-related Learning.


This term, Oak will prepare for the workplace by covering digital technology and employability. This will include the internet and how information is stored there, also finding information. They will continue to learn the safe and unsafe ways of using the internet, including when it is appropriate to share personal details and how to keep information secure when using digital devices. The group will also develop their skills and knowledge of different digital devices including computers, laptops, touch-screen tablets and smart phones, including how to use these devices safely in the workplace or at home.


This term, Oak will be focusing on their writing skills in preparation for the Edexcel Functional Skills reading paper. They will be completing a variety of writing tasks and considering purpose, tone and audience. Students will be creating informative and persuasive texts, developing an understanding of how different texts are presented. The pupils will develop their writing by completing a range of literacy activities aimed at developing their functional literacy skills and improving their vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure/grammar.

*Life Skills

For the first part of this term Oak will complete some activities on shopping for the home before beginning a new unit on skills for independent life. This aims to encourage students to think about living independently and what it means to them (positive and negative). They will look at their responsibilities and the landlord’s responsibilities when living in a home of their own. They will look at skills needed for independent living  and difficulties they may face and how to deal with these difficulties.


Edexcel Functional Skills

Oak are working towards their accreditation in Mathematics Functional Skills. The course is designed to provide learners with the skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life. The students will be applying their maths knowledge to problem solving activities, developing their ability to complete multi-step problems and to independently select the maths skills they need to solve the problem.

Students in Oak are working towards their Edexcel functional skills at either Entry 1 level or Functional skills level 1.  This term the students will be studying some of the number topics, including fractions and decimals. These will be covered in relation to real-life contexts such as measures involving problem solving.  Students will also be studying sequences and patterns, and applying this knowledge in problem-solving functional questions. Later in the term, Oak will be reviewing all of the topics they have covered and practising exam technique.

AQA GCSE foundation

GCSE students will be focusing on the same topics as the Functional Skills students, but extending their understanding further to work with more complex handling of data including analysis statistics. GCSE students will be developing their understanding of the number system and how to manipulate numbers using the 4 operations, and then extending their understanding further to work with more complex number operations such as indices. They will also work extensively with negative numbers and investigate the effects of multiplying and dividing by a negative, fractional or negative fractional number.

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

This term, the focus of PSHCE will be around Health and Wellbeing. The title of the module is ‘Who am I?’ and will support learners to think about themselves and others, both physically and emotionally. The pupils in Oak will identify and reflect on their feelings, lifestyles and relationships, and develop strategies for self-regulation of their emotions. Lessons will cover personal strengths, self-esteem, mental health issues, friends, family, eating disorders and sexual orientation. We will liaise with our Emotional Health and Wellbeing professional and our school nurse in case our learners need emotional support.

Physical Education (PE)

This term, Oak will be going offsite to a local sports leisure centre to focus on playing different invasion games, working on being a team player and being safe in PE.


Oak will be looking at beliefs and ideas that people of different religions and faiths hold. They will explore their own beliefs and develop an understanding of the difference between beliefs and facts. During the autumn term, Oak will be looking at a range of different festivals and the importance of them to the people of each faith. The festivals for study are Harvest (a Christian festival), Diwali (a Hindu festival), Hanukkah (a Jewish festival) and Christmas (a Christian festival). Oak will compare the festivals and look for any similarities and differences between them. Oak will then reflect on their own celebrations and consider why celebrations are important to people. They will be involved in planning a Harvest assembly and the annual seniors carol concert.

*Transition to College

Moving on to a college or new setting is something that proves very challenging for many of our students.

The transition to college course is designed to reduce anxiety and build confidence when attending/visiting a local college. Oak will be visiting Northop College (Coleg Cambria). They will begin by gradually getting used to the new environment, viewing and accessing different facilities. They will then take part in a weekly lesson led by a college tutor in the DT workshops. The group will have use of the college facilities for the day, where alongside their lesson they will complete paperwork for their accredited course with school staff. Throughout the year, students will also have the opportunity to practise their life skills through visits to local amenities alongside the college visits.

*Work-related Learning

Work Experience

Oak will undertake work experience during the school year. Work experience aims to provide all young people with an opportunity to:

  • Obtain a wider awareness of the world of work as part of their general education
  • Learn outside the classroom
  • Relate their studies to the world of work and training
  • Increase their practical skills, confidence and independence

Oak will complete accreditations in the classroom to support their placements.


This year, Oak will think about what they would like to do when they leave school/college and how their skills and personalities would be suited to different roles. Students will explore the different methods of applying for a job and practise completing application forms and CVs. Outside speakers will visit students to deliver sessions on various jobs and employment opportunities. Careers sessions will support work experience placements and there will be collaboration with work experience staff regarding accreditation work.

World of Work

This term, Oak will be completing the final sections of the ‘Carrying Out Tasks at Work’ unit from the OCR Life and Living Skills qualification. The unit aims to equip the learners with the ability to carry out different tasks at work, follow appropriate health and safety procedures and confirm that each task has been carried out to the standard required.

They will then move on to their final unit of the OCR Life and Living Skills qualification, ‘Effective Communication for Work’. The unit aims to develop communication skills to allow appropriate communication in the workplace, to choose a suitable method of communication, how to share information with others and to follow simple instructions accurately.