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Family Liaison

Maxine Nevitt

Family Liaison Officer

Supporting your child through the education system can be a challenging, rewarding and at times complex journey. In recognition of this we employ Maxine Nevitt, as a Family Liaison Worker.

She holds coffee mornings, where parents/carers can come for informal/social sessions with other parents/carers. She supports Stay & Play sessions, where parents of young children can attend with their toddler/baby for a session and a chat.

Maxine can also support you with form filling for the Annual Review meetings or other such meetings. She has links with a variety of agencies and can often point you in the right direction for advice/support linked to other things outside school.

Maxine is also our Team Around the Family (TAF) lead and works with the safeguarding team to support families where a multi-agency approach is required/requested.

If you have further questions regarding Maxine’s role, or would like to request her support/advice, she can be contacted via the school office on 01244 981 191.