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Careers education at Dorin Park aims to fully support our young people as they transition to college, apprenticeship or employment.

Careers and college options are introduced as early as Key Stage 3 through the Personal, Health, Social and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) programme. Introducing the college and careers options early encourages our learners to see moving on from Dorin Park as a positive thing, the next step to becoming an adult.

At Key Stages 4 and 5, careers education takes on a more focused role. We work closely with Jane Forgham, our Young People’s Service (YPS) named person, to ensure that all of our learners are given the opportunity to ask questions, share worries or concerns, and develop links to colleges. The YPS attend EHCP review meetings from Year 9 onwards. As part of taught lessons, learners are supported to identify their skills and the lessons that they enjoy in order to find potential college courses or areas of study. All learners are supported to develop realistic life goals that will be achievable (we talk about the need to have GCSEs and a university degree for some careers).

Pupils in Key Stages 4 and 5 may also have the opportunity to visit colleges and partake in lessons every Thursday (where possible); this removes some of the worry surrounding college as they become familiar with college layouts and college communities.

In addition to identifying potential paths to college, learners receive teaching in skills that will have increased importance in the future: skills such as preparing for interviews, being interviewed, basic first aid and CPR, job/college applications and writing CVs.

Alongside taught careers lessons, learners in Key Stages 4 and 5 also have workplace experience and education that helps them to identify areas of interest and the expectations of working life.

According to pupil need, providers are invited into school to talk to pupils about courses and careers on offer.

Careers Leader

Our Careers Leader is Jane Walters. She can be contacted by calling our Reception number 01244 470134 or by an email to [email protected]

Provider Access

Our Provider Access Policy Statement describes how we manage provider access requests, opportunities for access, and how we measure and assess impact