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Spring Term: 2018-19
Topic: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, followed by On the Farm

Mathematics Development

  • Begin to organise and categorise objects
  • Use blocks to create simple structures
  • Recite number names in sequence
  • Begin to record numbers and amounts
  • Begin to use language related to size
  • Use positional language
  • Order 2-3 items by height, length or weight

Personal Social Emotional Development

  • Seek out others to play with and share experiences
  • Show an awareness of behavioural expectations in class
  • Demonstrate friendly behaviour and initiate conversation
  • Play happily on one’s own
  • Take part and join in with joint attention activities
  • Have an awareness of the feelings of others

Communication, Language and Literacy

  • Books: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Farmer Duck
  • Listen to, and enjoy rhythmic patterns in rhymes and stories
  • Understand simple words in context and respond to simple instructions or questions
  • Answer and ask appropriate questions about our story and sequence the events
  • Begin to use prepositions, connectives and correct tenses
  • Develop mark-making skills and letter formation

 Physical Development

  • Begin to use one-handed tools, jugs and hammers with precision and care
  • Make models with dough
  • Travel with confidence in a variety of ways in Tumble Tots
  • Develop undressing and dressing skills for swimming
  • Work through own toileting programme towards continence

Understanding of the World

  • Explore the forest school area
  • Show an understanding of the need for safety when around the fire
  • Use switches in practical and functional situations
  • Develop an awareness of a festival – Easter
  • Take part in interactive and decision-making games

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Begin to join in with singing songs, playing instruments and dancing
  • Role play with peers
  • Explore different textures and how to manipulate them
  • Make 3D structures and models
  • Develop preferences for textures and materials