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Please see our Apple and Willow Yearly Planning Overview for a detailed half-termly breakdown of delivery.

Apple and Willow classes run as a unit. Children are split into small groups of about 7/8 learners according to their learning needs and styles. Teaching is delivered in a variety of ways, including formal structured and visual, sensory, kinaesthetic and play-based approach.

Phonics, Literacy, Communication and Language, and Mathematics are delivered through focus tasks where children work one-to-one or in small groups with staff. Sensory learners access a sensory curriculum consisting of sessions in intensive interaction, Write Dance and dance massage. The 7 areas of the foundation stage are covered through activities to develop skills in these areas. Children have access to sensory circuits, swimming, soft play and life skills trips (on a rota basis); also to Forest School as appropriate on a rota basis.

The children also have access to continuous provision, whereby they are led to acquire and refine skills through choosing something of interest to do / to play with.

Read Write Inc. is used to develop synthetic phonics.

Apple and Willow use home school books to share and communicate with parents and carers.