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Please see our Pear Yearly Planning Overview for a detailed half-termly breakdown of delivery.

Pear is a sensory class for semi-formal learners following the EQUALS Informal Curriculum. The curriculum allows pupils to access their learning in a more relaxed and informal manner, which encourages sensory regulation opportunities and cognitive breaks – this as a result allows sensory barriers to learning be reduced. The learning environment supports this as it reduces sensory overload, promotes opportunities to access activities at TEACCH stations, and gives pupils a sensory break area to re-regulate and prepare for learning. Children’s learning is mapped out against the four strands of their Education and Health Care plans. These strands are: Communication and Interaction; Cognition and Learning; Social, Emotional and Mental Health; and Sensory and/or Physical.
A Total Communication approach is used within the classroom to support all learners, but there is an emphasis on Makaton and PEC communication strategies, to encourage pupils to make requests and intentional choices. Children’s learning is supported through a variety of creative and motivating activities such as Attention Autism, Intensive Interaction, Massage, outdoor learning, music, drama, art and TEACCH station activities that are individualised for each learner. All pupils have access to a variety of sensory and physical development sessions including swimming, PE, sensory diet programmes and Rebound Therapy. Pupils also have the opportunity to explore and go out into the community to develop their independence and life skills.