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Summer Term: 2018-19
Topic: The Jungle/The Seaside


  • Use Big Macs, signing and vocalisation in various situations
  • Role play and social activities
  • Recognise two/three-word-level instructions / intensive interaction sessions
  • Mark making: letters of name, basic lines etc.
  • Recognise new words and symbols
  • My narrative: find objects, items, people in stories or pictures
  • Tub time
  • Call and response activities

Cognition/functional maths/problem solving

  • Number formation/recognition
  • Number songs
  • Problem solving
  • Explore daily routine
  • Explore measurement: time and sequencing

PSHCE (well-being, play and leisure)

  • Based on values of the week and this term’s topic
  • Shabang: music and sensory equipment
  • Friendship, getting to know each other, class rules
  • Group work, circle time, free choice activities and one-to-one work
  • Discovery box
  • Emotions

Topic (independence, world about me, art)

  • Cookery: develop cookery skills and try new foods – linked to the festivals and seasons
  • World about me: spring/summer, the Romans, Easter, Passover, Ramadan, Eid
  • Art/DT: linked to this term’s topic
  • Animal Care: weekly sessions with Kerry Attwood
  • Computing: weekly sessions with Jane Walters
  • Music: weekly sessions with Jane Rowlinson
  • PE: weekly sessions with Bridget Aldridge
  • Swimming: weekly sessions with Bridget Aldridge
  • Carousel activities: animal care (1st half term); forest school #2 (2nd half term)