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Autumn Term: 2019-20
Topic: People who help us


  • Fiction and non-fiction books relating to our topic:
    • What Do People Do All Day, Burglar Bill and Mrs Wobble The Waitress
  • Narrative Therapy: different groups working on the concept of telling stories, identifying who, what, where and when
  • Letter formation: forming lower case and upper case letters
  • Identifying punctuation, including: full stops, commas, question marks, speech marks and exclamation marks
  • Writing sentences to describe how people can help and when they were helped
  • Writing first names and surnames
  • Making meaningful marks about people who help
  • Writing about the story characters, describing setting and character emotions
  • Predicting what might happen in a story
  • Create a story ending
  • Reading Records
  • Streamed Read Write Inc. Phonics sessions / See and Learn reading programme


  • Number and place value: number formation, ordering numbers, counting forwards and backwards within 100, finding more and less of a given number, finding odd and even numbers
  • Addition and subtraction, including simple word problems
  • Geometry (2D/3D shape): comparing shapes, finding the number of sides and corners
  • Measure (Weight and Capacity): comparing weights and fluid amounts, making a scales balance, finding items which are heavy and light, measuring using non-standard and standard measures such as litres


  • Based on values of the week and this term’s topic
  • Group work and one-to-one work – team-building activities
  • Friendship
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Following rules
  • Weekly sessions of ‘The Angry Octopus’
  • Peer massage sessions weekly
  • Self-care
  • Internet safety


  • Science: Our body – labelling our body parts, playing Simon Says with body parts, naming some vital organs and identifying them, knowing we have a skeleton and muscles
  • Humanities: History focus: Florence Nightingale and how she helped improve hospital conditions
  • Art/DT: exploring with collage and making a variety of different collages
  • Computing: weekly sessions with Jane Walters
  • Music: weekly sessions with Jane Rowlinson
  • PE: weekly sessions with Tom Kophamel
  • PSHCE and RE: weekly sessions with Ali Mills
  • Carousel activities: cookery (1st half term); forest school and animal care (2nd half term)