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Please see our Yearly Planning Overview for a detailed half-termly breakdown of delivery.

Hazel is a sensory class for semi-formal learners. It follows an EQUALS curriculum with children’s learning mapped out against four strands: Communication and Interaction; Cognition and Learning; Social, Emotional and Mental Health, and Sensory and/or Physical. The learning environment promotes opportunities and activities for learners to develop skills from these strands in a personalised order. Within our timetable we focus on Communication sessions and Thinking and Problem Solving sessions. We use a Total Communication approach which ensures that activities are delivered in a holistic and multi-sensory manner. Children’s learning is supported through a variety of creative and motivating activities including Narrative Therapy, See and Learn, Colourful Semantics and Numicon. All children have access to phonics or the See and Learn programme through streamed groups. Learning and physical development is enriched through PE, swimming, rebound therapy, sensory circuits, music, cookery, outdoor learning and ICT sessions. Children also have an opportunity to develop their language, communication, and social skills through play-based activities.