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Spring Term: 2019-20
Topic: Fairy Tales / Myths and Legends


  • Class texts (fiction): Prince Cinders, Little Red Riding Hood, alternative story of The Three Little Pigs, George and the Dragon
  • Non-fiction books about Ancient Greece
  • Acrostic poem writing using characters
  • Labelling, adding captions, writing lists
  • Role play, re-telling of stories
  • Identifying ideas in texts, looking at characters and events
  • Streamed Read Write Inc. Phonics, See and Learn and class reading sessions
  • Contributing to group discussions
  • Circle Time and Chatty Box speaking and listening skills


  • Number and place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Problem solving – time focus
  • Geometry – 2D/3D shape
  • Measure – time


  • Based on values of the week and this term’s topic
  • Individual targets
  • What makes us special, identify belonging to community/family
  • Group work, circle time, free choice activities and one-to-one work


  • Science: Light – how you see and shadows
  • Humanities: History focus: Ancient Greece and Greek influence
  • Art/DT: sculpture – creating favourite characters/features, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Andy Goldsworthy
  • French: greetings, introductions, colours and numbers
  • Animal Care: weekly sessions with Kerry Attwood
  • Computing: weekly sessions with Jane Walters
  • Music: weekly sessions with Jane Rowlinson
  • PE: weekly sessions with Tom Kophamel
  • RE: weekly sessions with Ali Mills
  • Carousel activities: cookery (1st half term); forest school and animal care (both 2nd half-term)