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Please see our Yearly Planning Overview for a detailed half-termly breakdown of delivery.

Cherry class is made up of semi-formal learners following the EQUALS curriculum. They access Communication sessions and Thinking and Problem Solving sessions, with additional sessions of phonics and reading delivered through the Read Write Inc. and See and Learn approaches. To develop social skills, the children access Narrative Therapy sessions once weekly and Circle Time daily. The children learn holistically through topic sessions where they learn about the world around them. Learning is further enriched through PE, Swimming, Music, Art, Outdoor Learning, and Independence sessions. There is also a Zones of Regulation session and a Physical Wellbeing session each week.

Sensory needs are supported through a sensory diet area within the classroom and, on a needs basis, sensory circuits and a nurture hut. A Total Communication approach is used where children are encouraged to communicate verbally and are supported by Makaton. Visual support is used and PECS is used to make requests if appropriate. There are further opportunities to develop language, communication, and social skills through play and leisure activities. Children have access to Bucket Therapy once weekly and access a variety of morning activities and skills sessions that focus on sensory regulation, fine motor skills, social skills and play skills.

Parents are encouraged to use their child’s visual timetable to prompt communication about their school day. Speech and language therapy programmes are encompassed into daily activities and the children are seen regularly by the Speech and Language therapist.