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Spring Term: 2019-20
Topic: The Three Little Pigs / Holi (1 week)

Mathematics Development

  • Counting 1 – 10
  • Matching numerals to number names
  • Comparing quantities
  • Showing an awareness of simple mathematical language e.g. big/small, more/few
  • 2D shape matching and sorting
  • Making pigs and houses with shapes

Personal Social & Emotional Development

  • Playing with others, my turn your turn
  • Developing early play skills with an adult
  • Developing play through talking together
  • Learning words for different emotions
  • Developing an understanding that some actions and words can hurt others
  • Helping each other

Communication & Language

  • Listening to and interacting with the stories
  • Recognising and understanding prepositions
  • Answering questions about stories and events
  • Bucket therapy – attention building
  • Communicating with other pupils
  • PODD books, chat boards and talking tiles
  • Practising sounds and signs, and repeated refrains


  • Forming recognisable letters
  • Developing pencil grip
  • Following routes and paths with a tool
  • Joining in with repeated refrains
  • Showing an awareness of characters and setting
  • Matching letters and words

 Physical Development

  • Own physical development targets
  • Using scissors and other simple tools
  • Disco dough & modelling with dough
  • Cutting skills and finger gym activities
  • Tumble Tots
  • Swimming
  • Developing independence skills
  • Showing increased awareness of toileting needs

Understanding of the World

  • An awareness of the Holi celebration
  • Understanding emotions – sad/scared/happy/tired
  • Forest School – different textures and resources
  • Looking at properties of materials
  • An awareness of different weathers
  • Visits with Bramble and other school animals
  • Cause and effect games and toys
  • Real life Tech – iPads, telephones and cameras

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Junk modelling different houses
  • Looking at and describing textures
  • Developing preferences for textures
  • Making wolf and pig masks
  • Making ‘tube’ pigs and wolfs
  • Collaging pig houses
  • Loud and quiet / fast and slow sounds
  • Copying a simple rhythm
  • Celebrating Holi with music and colour

Role Play

  • Little Pig’s House
  • Small World Play
  • Holi celebrations