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Music is a powerful tool for learning and development. At Dorin Park music is used not only in lessons but around school through performances, extra-curricular activities and services which use music interactively and purposefully to open the students up to new experiences and concepts.


Pearl of Africa Choir

The Pearl of Africa Choir visited Dorin Park from Uganda and gave a succession of dance, vocal and instrumental workshops to our children. The choir performed for both Upper and Lower School. Their mixture of traditional African singing and dancing mixed with their vibrant personalities and colourful costumes had our children mesmerized.

Antara Duo

The Antara Duo, Thomas Hancox (Flute) and Rachel Wick (Harp), gave a workshop to the sensory classes. The event was sponsored by Chester Music Society. The flute and harp were especially suitable for the sensory class learners who enjoyed a mixture of visual prompts, aural stimulation and sensory touch. Thomas Hancox got the pupils singing and moving together to a variety of songs. The young people also listened attentively to music including Danny Boy, Down by the Salley Gardens, Pachelbel’s Canon and Celtic dance music. One of the students got involved with the performers by holding “stop/go” red/green coloured cards and another used a wand to tell the players to play loud and soft. The students thoroughly enjoyed the performance and had a lovely relaxing morning.

Upton High School

Upton High School concert band and choir visited Dorin Park and played/sang a mixture of lively music for the students. The band played their instruments individually so that the students could hear the sounds of each one. The students got involved with the performance by dancing, clapping and singing. A great success!

Extra-curricular musical activities

The Dorin Park Choir

The Dorin Park Choir has a repertoire of music ranging from classics to popular songs and rehearses once a week. The choir takes part in the major events at school such as the Christmas service, Easter service and Harvest festival and have performed at Chester Cathedral at the leavers’ ceremony. The singers are now working hard to producing a CD.