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Investors in Pupils

Investors in Pupils logoInvestors in Pupils is a whole-school approach for enabling effective pupil participation and voice across the school organisation and community.

Dorin Park gained the Investors in Pupils award in July 2014. It helps the school develop as one where all pupils feel involved in decisions that affect their well-being and learning.

Each classroom has the following:

Individual targets

  • These show that we are all learners together. These targets can be personal or academic. Each class have a theme. Each pupil has a Personal Target which they choose and it helps them in one of five areas:
    • Attendance
    • Behaviour
    • Classroom Management (keeping tidy, taking care of things, knowing the cost of things)
    • Learning and Induction (looking after new people in the class)

A class target

  • Reviewed and renewed regularly to help the class work as a team on a chosen area e.g. staying focused in lessons, hands up and no shouting out, using good manners

An Induction or welcome book

  • Developed by the pupils to welcome new people (pupils & adults) into their class and to help them know the school routines and rules